• Castings

    The BEST worm castings produced nationwide and we have the testing to prove it! Worm castings provide beneficial microbes and nutrients essential to optimum plant growth and are an excellent all-purpose organic fertilizer. Read More
  • Nightcrawlers

    African Nightcrawlers measure 4-8 inches long are also called Super Reds, Japanese Tigers, or California Super Reds.They help to increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. They also break down organic matter, such as leaves and grass into nutrients that plants can use. Read More
  • Cocoons

    Using cocoons (eggs) to populate the soil is often more efficient than introducing worms. Cocoons are small – not much larger than 1/8 “. Coming from the soil, they are moist and dirty, looking like the dirt they came from. When soil temperatures reach 70 degrees, the eggs begin hatching. Read More
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